Texas currently experiencing shortage of foster homes

A shortage of foster homes in the state of Texas left over two dozen children statewide to spend at least two nights sleeping in state offices in April 2016. In March, 42 children stayed the night in a child welfare office. New figures on where the state houses children were first reported by the Austin-American Statesman.

A representative from the Austin-based non-profit organization Texans Care for Children said that if there were fewer caseloads, more time would be allocated to finding more appropriate shelters for children. United States District Judge Janis Graham Jack said the fact that there are 30,000 children in homes and institutional settings makes the system “broken”, and that it is “especially true for those labeled permanent wards of the state” who “almost uniformly leave state custody more damaged than when they entered.” For his part, Family and Protective Services commissioner John Specia said, “Every failure hurts and must be scrutinized so we can learn.”

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