Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband wants 25K per month in spousal support

Twenty-four-year-old visual artist Frances Bean Cobain, the only daughter of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and 52-year-old Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, is struggling through her divorce. Her estranged husband, 31-year-old musician Isaiah Silva, is seeking $25,000 per month in spousal support.

Cobain filed for divorce from Silva in March 2016 after a two-year marriage. According to a report from entertainment news network TMZ, Silva is demanding that amount because he claims Cobain told him she would support him financially throughout their marriage. Because of this assertion, Silva said, he quit his job. He said Cobain told him she will pay for his monthly expenses including lodging fees and school fees for his daughter with a previous girlfriend. Silva’s filing made it clear that he and Frances Bean did not sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding.

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