10 Rembis children taken by the state of Texas after alleged neglect

A neighbor of 48-year-old William and 36-year-old Claire Rembis in Lubbock said in a hearing during the second week of September that “shrieks of terror” persisted from the couple’s home. At this point, 10 of the couple’s 11 children were taken into state custody.

William and Claire Rembis have faced child welfare investigations in at least three states since 2001. Claire Rembis said some of the allegations the state levied against them are not true, telling The Associated Press outside the courtroom in Lubbock that our children “don’t eat out of the trash.” Texas Department of Family and Protective Services spokesman Paul Zimmerman said the couple disclosed their past addresses to Texas officials, which is why they were able to track their former issues in other states. Timothy Turner, who worked for state welfare agencies in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas said finding them was “very tedious and piecemeal.”

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