Divorce of Galveston couple from Kingdom of Bahrain nullified

A judge in Galveston, Texas recently made a decision regarding the $400 million divorce of Winnie and Isa Alwazzan due to allegations that Winnie and her attorneys engaged in shady dealings while arguing the merits of the divorce. The couple is originally from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This decision means that Winnie and Isa, whose divorce was granted in 2014, are once again married in the eyes of the law. Because the divorce is such a high-stakes case, Winnie’s legal counsel promised they would attempt filing for divorce again.

Scott Downing, a Dallas attorney not related to this case, said muti-million dollar cases are not rare but “What’s incredibly rare to me is the fact that it’s become public.” Downing noted that when a high-stakes divorce case such as this one goes mainstream, it is because the people involved in the case are usually after more than just money.

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