Fort Worth Visitation Rights Attorney

One of the most complex and emotionally charged issues in a divorce is determining child custody and visitation rights. During the process, many parents and their attorneys create a “parenting agreement” or a parenting plan, which includes decisions about custody, visitation rights, and other details regarding the child’s life. The court will then review and either approve or deny the agreement. Whether you and your spouse are developing a parenting agreement or are opposing each other, you should contact a child custody attorney for guidance.

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, our Fort Worth child visitation rights attorneys are aware of how critical it is to ensure that you are able to get visitation rights or custody of your child. As confusing as it may be for your family right now, it is important to seek the support of a skilled legal team to understand the best way to move forward. Our legal team is passionate about fighting for the rights of divorced families, and will work to secure our clients a place in their child’s life.

Texas Possession and Access

In Texas, the term “visitation” is not specifically used and instead works under possession and access rights. A child under “possession” of a parent is under their care and supervision. Your possession and access schedule is part of your parenting plan, which must follow certain restrictions outlined by the legislature. Your possession and access schedule must:

  •  Allow frequent contact between both parents
  •  Have all children in family together during periods of possession
  •  Ensure that the parent in possession protect and provide for the child
  •  Be in the best interests of your child

In Texas, if the parents cannot cooperate and decide on a parenting plan, then the court will order a Standard Possession Order which sets a fixed schedule for possession or visitation. There are several options available to you through a Standard Possession Order that vary based on the position of the family. Child custody rights differ from state to state, so if you are currently in the process of establishing the visitation rights of your child, then it is important to contact a local attorney who can best fight for your family’s situation.

Consult with a Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC we understand how difficult your position may be and are will be happy to consult with you regarding your specific circumstance so that we may take the first steps in creating a visitation rights schedule that will work for you. To speak with a member of our legal team, contact our Fort Worth child custody lawyers at (817) 335-9600 today.