Modifying a Child Support Order Attorneys in Fort Worth

After a divorce, your life can change dramatically. Although a child support order from the court is legally binding, drastic changes in your life may warrant modifications to its terms. An order may demand that you pay an amount that you are no longer able to pay, for example. Child support orders are generally subject to modification until the child graduates from high school. If one or both parents want to make any change to the order, they must first prove that they have experienced a “change in circumstances” since the last order was made. Guideline amounts of support are generally 20% of income from the non-custodial parent for one child, 25% for two children, and 30% for three. If the child support order was ordered below the guideline amount, modification can be requested at any time without needing to prove a change in circumstances.

When both parents are able to reach an agreement on the new amount of child support, a stipulation can be written and given to the judge to be signed as the new order. However, it is oftentimes not so simple: in the event that the parents are unable to agree on the change, a motion must be filed with the court requesting one. This is known as a modification. Dealing with an uncooperative parent when trying to adjust a support order can be a stressful process that can quickly become unbearable. However, an experienced Fort Worth child support order modification attorney from The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, can guide you through the complicated legal process while upholding your rights to the fullest at all times.

Roadblocks to Modification

There are many reasons why a parent may seek a change to their child support order, including:

  •  Income change of one or both parents
  •  One parent has lost his or her job
  •  One parent has been incarcerated
  •  One parent had another child from another relationship
  •  Significant change in amount of time the child spends with each parent
  •  Change in child’s needs resulting in more or less cost (child care, health care or education)
  •  Change in other factors used in calculation of child support (there are many.)

The Fort Worth child support attorneys at the The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, have experience seeing the challenges that arise when someone is in need of a modification but is unable to attain it due to external factors over which they have no control. Your peace of mind nor the well being of your child should never have to suffer at the hands of a stubborn or unwilling parent and their withholding actions. Legal counsel in such a situation can help tremendously in finding accurate facts pertaining to the specific situation, what the most beneficial courses of action available to you may be, and how to best fight to retain your rights and gain the outcome you are hoping for.

Contact a Fort Worth Child Support Attorney

When it comes to your finances and your children, nothing should be taken lightly. Settling for anything less than what you need is probably not a viable option for you. Our Fort Worth child support attorneys understand the pertinence of these issues and of the many ways that this complicated process can quickly become twisted in a way that disservices you and your child. To potentially avoid a messy court process and get a handle on your situation through the knowledge and experience of one of our qualified lawyers at the The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, call our office at (817) 335-9600 today.