Fort Worth Contested Divorce Attorneys

Contested divorce is best suited for couples who have fundamental disagreements about how the dissolution of their marriage should work. Though these divorces are adversarial in nature, they are also a surefire way to ensure that a marriage will end and that your voice will be heard before it does. That being said, if you don’t think it will be possible for you and your partner to come to an agreement about your divorce, your circumstances may necessitate a contested divorce from your spouse.

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers understand just how important every aspect of the coming legal process will be for you, and we can develop a comprehensive legal strategy to defend your rights and protect your future, in and out of the courtroom. In addition, we can help you understand the implications of each decision that you will need to make along the way. Once you have all of the information you need to make these precise decisions, you will be able to feel confident in your choices.

Why Contested Divorce May Be Right for You

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on any aspect of your divorce—in regards to the custody of your children, for instance—a contested divorce may be the only means you have to resolve these matters. In contested divorces, the court will hear the arguments that you and your spouse have before then making a legally-binding decision on the matter. Though the processes leading up to the court hearing can be time-consuming, the fact that a definitive decision will be handed down by an impartial judge on a specific date can make contested divorce the best option for some couples.

Why You May Want to Consider Your Other Options

If you and your spouse have children together, contested divorce can be just as difficult on you and your spouse as it can be on your children. For this reason, contested divorce should only be considered as a last resort for resolving fundamental disagreements. If you and your spouse have disagreements that could conceivably be worked out, you may want to consider consulting with a mediator who can help you come up with resolutions. Even if you cannot work things out during mediation—which is voluntary and not legally-binding—you will still have the opportunity to go through with a contested divorce.

Aside from the fact that contested divorces are difficult for everyone involved, they are also more expensive and time-consuming than other forms of divorce. So, while a contested divorce will be worth the time and money you spend if it is not possible to come to mutual agreements with your spouse, you may want to consider another form of a divorce if you may be able to work out issues with your spouse jointly. Giving mediation a chance may help you and your spouse save time and money.

Consult with a Contested Divorce Attorney in Fort Worth

If you believe that your current relationship with your spouse will necessitate a contested divorce, or if you would simply like to learn more about the contested divorce process, reach out to one of our attorneys as soon as possible. To schedule a consultation with one of the Fort Worth contested divorce attorneys from The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, please call our offices at (817) 335-9600 today.