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Mediation is common and used regularly to negotiate divorce settlements. A mediator, or third party, is brought in to help you, your spouse, and your lawyers reach an agreement. While the mediator does not make decisions regarding your divorce, he or she will speak with both parties in an effort to find resolutions to issues you and your spouse may strongly disagree about.

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys understand that divorce is a difficult time for you, your spouse, and your family. We also understand how important settling your issues in a timely manner is during such a stressful time and aim to make the process as straightforward and effective as possible. If you decide that mediation is a good option for you, The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, is prepared to help you, along with a mediator, settle your divorce.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you are pursuing a mediated divorce, you may think that an attorney is unnecessary. This is not true. Mediators and attorneys fulfill different roles. A mediator acts as a neutral go-between for you and your spouse during the negotiations, and never sides with one of you over the other. If you hire a lawyer, they will advocate for your rights and interests alone. If you enter into mediation without a lawyer, you may end up agreeing to terms you are uncomfortable with simply in order to keep the peace, and end up regretting it later. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to be sure this does not happen. They will also be able to recognize if you are being taken advantage of or anything important is being left out of the conversation. Having a lawyer at your side can make all the difference, especially if you’re apprehensive about being able to articulate your desires or point of view. If you feel like a mediated divorce is right for you, it’s important to remember that consulting with a trusted lawyer before, during, and after the mediation is critical to ensuring that the divorce goes smoothly. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side during your divorce can save you time and money in the long-run.

Why Choose Us?

At The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to protecting Fort Worth families by providing compassionate and effective divorce and family law services. Our experienced attorneys have helped many clients with their divorce settlements. We’re dedicated to our clients, and that means we know how to get you the best results possible in both court and mediated divorce proceedings. Not every law firm is well-versed in or even takes on mediated divorces, but The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC acknowledges that that can be the best option for many couples. We’ve helped many people through mediated divorces, and we’re more than ready to help you with yours, as well. We understand that going through a divorce can be emotional, stressful, and even sometimes scary, so we offer you personal and attentive help navigating divorce law. That’s why we are a staple in family law practice in the Fort Worth area, and why so many of our new clients come from referrals. We want your mediated divorce to go smoothly, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

Mediation is a great choice for a divorcing couple for several reasons, and is a viable option in most cases. There are some situations, such as cases of domestic violence, in which mediation may not be advisable. Someone who went through an abusive marriage may feel uncomfortable facing their spouse in a mediated setting, preferring to settle the divorce under the legal eye of the courts. For other people, mediated divorce can be empowering. Nevertheless, some benefits of choosing mediation include:

  • Mediation costs much less than court trials and hearings.
  • There is no public record of mediation, making your divorce process confidential.
  • Typically, mediation allows for all issues discussed in your divorce to be settled.
  • The court does not control your divorce, leaving control in the hands of you and your spouse.
  • Your lawyer may still provide legal advice, even though a mediator is present.
  • You and your spouse decide what a fair agreement is, rather than a strict legal system.
  • Mediation allows for fairness and communication, preventing conflicts from arising in the future.

With these benefits in mind, you may decide mediation is a good option for you and your spouse. However, your attorney will be able to help you decide which method is the best fit for you if you remain unsure.

Understanding the Mediation Process

Though the mediated divorce process will vary depending on your issues, attorneys, and mediator, it typically follows a general procedure. To start, you will speak with your mediator and discuss things like your marriage, children, and issues that you would like to resolve through mediation. Then, your mediator will hold a meeting to complete any initial paperwork and make decisions such as if you and your spouse would like to be together or separated during the process. After thoroughly discussing the issues, you and your spouse will reach compromises based on an agreement negotiated by your mediator. Finally, you will complete any court documents necessary to finalize your divorce.

Divorce Mediation FAQs

How do I know if divorce mediation is right for me?

If you and your partner wish to end your marriage in an amicable manner, mediation is a great option. Mediation ensures that you and your spouse will not have to take your divorce to court. Litigation tends to be long and drawn-out, but mediation is usually a smooth process that does not last longer than a few months. Mediation tends to be a smoother divorce process, which can make the experience much easier for the entire family. In addition, mediation is much cheaper than other divorce options. If you are hoping to avoid spending a lot of time and money on the divorce process, mediation might be right for you.

How long does divorce mediation take?

The mediation process varies from couple to couple and depends on the issues at hand, as well as the willingness to negotiate and flexibility of both parties. The average mediation process will take three or four sessions, which typically last about two hours each. However, when divorces are complex and the parties involved are not very flexible, the mediation process will last longer than usual. A complicated mediation process may take four to six months to complete. Whether you think your mediation process will be simple or complex, it is important to find an experienced mediation attorney to represent you.

How can I prepare for divorce mediation?

You and your spouse will need to make very important decisions during the mediation process, so it is essential that you are prepared. First, make sure you are organized. You will want to make lists of all your assets and possessions, including personal property, real estate, and any financial assets, like stocks, bank accounts, and credit cards. Next, you will need to set goals for yourself. Before mediation, you should take the time to think and determine which things you want from the divorce, and which things you absolutely need. Having your priorities set before beginning the divorce mediation process will be greatly beneficial.

What if we can’t agree?

If, during a divorce mediation, not everything can be agreed upon, even with the help of a mediator and the advice of a lawyer, it’s not necessarily a waste of your time and money. While many separating couples who use mediation to settle their divorce walk away with a settlement they’re both happy with, it may be possible to settle most of your issues through mediation and then litigate the rest. Additionally, finding that you can actually work with your spouse to settle some of the divorce agreements can make further litigation in the future less daunting.

Contact a Mediated Divorce Attorney in Fort Worth

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